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The Road to True Grace.

The road to founding True Grace started in my childhood. My parents taught me to appreciate nature and all it gives us, to have the core values of working hard and giving back to others, and, most importantly, to always be true to myself.

My life took a significant turn one day when I received a phone call as I was preparing to graduate from college.

The Road to True Grace

When I answered the phone, I learned my dad had stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer and no more than six months to live.

It didn’t seem possible. He was 50, strong, and fit.

Through my father’s journey in the months that followed, I learned about wellness, the body, mental and physical strength, faith, and the importance of making my time on earth really count. A full year-and-a-half after his diagnosis, my dad passed away peacefully with his family by his side.

Inspired by all I had learned and witnessed, I joined the natural health industry 20 years ago.

Inspired by all I had learned and witnessed

It was through this industry that I learned about regenerative agriculture, a movement that would change my life and change the planet.

For my mom, my brother, and me, diving into what we were passionate about was a major part of picking up the pieces after my dad’s death. Together, we started a foundation in my dad’s honor to donate to causes we believed in. One of those causes was regenerative agriculture.

My family had the privilege to support the creation of the Soil Carbon Initiative, which is now a leading standard for farmers looking to transition to regenerative agriculture. We developed deep partnerships with The Carbon Underground, Green America, and Rodale Institute, which are all leading the way to transition farming to a model that not only helps the environment, but also produces more nutrient-dense food. Those partnerships and principles helped pave the way to True Grace.


Meeting my husband, Brian (who’s also worked in the natural health industry for 20-plus years), and having our children (Grace, 5, and Pierce, 3) was monumental in my journey toward starting True Grace.

As a new mom, I was shocked to find that even though I’d been in the natural products industry for so long, I felt overwhelmed when trying to find the best foods and nutrients for my body and for my children.

I often thought how incredibly confusing it would be to enter motherhood with no prior education or experience in health or nutrition.

It was disappointing to see hundreds of products marketed toward kids that were loaded with sugar and had no mission or sustainable practices. I refused to train our children that eating healthy and getting nutrients meant consuming gummies that added up to 15 grams of sugar a day to their diets.

The Road to True Grace

I knew that with our combined 40-plus years in the industry, my husband and I could create something different.

I felt called to provide a better and easier solution to not only moms, but to all people navigating through an overwhelming volume of information about health and nutrition while trying to provide the best nutrients for themselves and their families.

Two weeks before the country shut down due to COVID-19, Brian and I decided to resign from our jobs in the natural health industry and start our own business. Hunkered down in the basement, with two young children at home, we started to jot down our core values, mission, and vision on napkins.


We decided on the name True Grace for our company for several reasons, one being that our daughter’s name is Grace, and her birth inspired me to do better for people and planet. In addition, the word grace means “to give honor or credit to.” And the word true was fitting since we wanted to be true to ourselves, true to others, and true to the planet in everything we did.

We were determined to be transparent and to focus on nutrient density and sustainable practices every step of the way.

That’s how True Grace was born.

I am humbled to see what True Grace is becoming. We are a small team of like-minded people with years of natural products experience. We have come together to create this mission-driven company that is a game changer in the industry.

I am most proud of the intention and transparency of True Grace, from ingredient sourcing to bottling. For you, this means no guesswork when it comes to what you’re putting in your body or how your purchase affects the planet.

I know most people do not have the time to investigate every ingredient or step in the manufacturing process. True Grace is a source you can trust. We provide every detail you want to know, because it’s what we would want to know too.

This is what truly sets us apart. This is True Grace.

True Difference
The True Grace dove

The True Grace Dove

When my dad was dying of cancer, my family did one last trip to our oceanside home in Florida. One night, we were sitting on the patio listening to the waves with my dad when a white dove landed on our patio screen. It stayed awhile, looking at all of us peacefully.

White doves symbolize love, fidelity, and peace and are said to come to you in times of crisis—just like that night in Florida, when we all knew my dad didn’t have long to live. We’d never seen a dove in the area before, and we never saw one there again.

The small dove depicted on all True Grace packaging is in honor and memory of my dad and his love, support, and encouragement.

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