True Littles Probiotic + D3 – True Grace
True Littles Probiotic + D3
True Littles Probiotic + D3
True Littles Probiotic + D3
True Littles Probiotic + D3
True Littles Probiotic + D3
True Littles Probiotic + D3
True Littles Probiotic + D3
True Littles Probiotic + D3
True Littles Probiotic + D3
True Littles Probiotic + D3
True Littles Probiotic + D3
True Littles™

True Littles Probiotic + D3

True Grace
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Kids Daily Probiotic for Immune & Digestive Health*

  • 10 billion total CFU at the time of manufacture^
  • 3 quantified and DNA-verified probiotic cultures to support immune and digestive health*
  • 800 IU of Vitamin D3 for additional immune support*
  • Verified Allergen Free
  • Tastes great — no added flavors or colors
  • Convenient 2-in-1 stick pack — can be taken as is or added to cold food or drink
  • Shelf stable - no refrigeration required
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Suggested Use

For children 1 through 3 years of age, with adult supervision, take one (1) packet mixed with cold food or drink at any time of day. For children 4 years of age and older, the packet can be taken with cold food or drink or on its own. For optimal results, continue daily use as suggested.

True Difference

True Grace probiotics are formulated with intention, and these ones are crafted for True Littles. Our founder is a mom who’s passionate about bringing nutrient density to families, and especially children.* To nourish kids is to nourish the future.

Your child’s microbiome, made up of trillions of microbes located primarily in their gut, turns over every 3 days. It’s constantly changing based on what they eat, their stress levels, if they’re taking antibiotics, and how much sleep they get. A healthy microbiome is crucial for proper early development and long-term health—so it’s important to fuel their microbiome properly.*

Each probiotic strain in True Littles Probiotic + D3 has been carefully selected and combined in specific, consistent ratios that we’re completely transparent about—right on the label.

With our probiotics, you get:

  • A truly transparent probiotic label showing the precise percentage of each DNA-verified strain in 10 billion total CFU
  • Strains protected by Bio-support™, which ensures optimal passage through the digestive tract
  • Strains that are clinically studied and shown to be safe and suitable in infants and children*

^At time of manufacture; 3 billion guaranteed at end of shelf life.

Vitamin D is also essential for your little one’s development and immune health, and it can be tricky for them to get enough through diet and sun exposure. So we’ve topped up these probiotics with 800 IU of Vitamin D. Because kids are always on the go, it just makes sense to give them two supplements in one versatile powder.

True Transparency

You’ve probably seen all kinds of probiotic products out there. Many boast a sky-high total number and variety of probiotics. What they don’t offer is transparency.

But we do.

To understand why we’re all about transparency, you need to understand what probiotics are and how they’re classified and counted.

  • Probiotics are live microorganisms that are intended to have health benefits when consumed.
  • Probiotics are measured in “colony-forming units” (CFU).
  • Probiotics’ names have three parts, always in the same order: genus, then species, then strain. (For example, Bifidobacterium bifidum Rosell® - 71, often abbreviated as B. bifidum Rosell® - 71.)
  • Different probiotic strains offer different benefits. Those benefits are dose dependent.*

It's important to know the specific probiotic strains and doses you're getting.

Purity-IQ Authenticity Certification means that each batch of True Littles™ Probiotic + D3 is tested for consistency and has the identity of its natural ingredients verified by an independent third-party laboratory.

At True Grace, we want you to know how much of each rigorously researched strain you're getting. How can you tell? Just look at the label. Every probiotic strain is listed, along with a percentage. That percentage shows exactly how much of the total CFU count is made up of that specific strain. (In this case, the total CFU at time of manufacture is 10 billion; the total CFU guaranteed at end of shelf life is 3 billion.)

To offer you another layer of certainty, we use DNA testing to verify the presence of each probiotic strain in every batch produced.

You might see other products with a higher total CFU. You might see products with a longer list of probiotic strains. But if the company isn’t transparent about the specifics (and doesn’t run tests to back it all up), you don’t really know what you’re getting or how effective the product will be.

With True Grace, you can be confident in the product you’re taking. This is true transparency.

Key Ingredients

Our Superstar Strains

  • L. rhamnosus GG: is the most studied probiotic strain in the world and supports respiratory, intestinal, and overall digestive health.*
  • B. bifidum Rosell®-71: supports a healthy microbiome. It has been studied in infants and children and shown to be safe and suitable.*
  • B. lactis LAFTI® B94: helps support gut health and promotes favorable gut flora. This probiotic has been shown to be safe and suitable in infants and children.*
  • 800IU of Vitamin D: Vitamin D3 supports the immune system as well as the development of bones and teeth.*
Planet Protective

Soy Free

Planet Protective

Dairy Free

Planet Protective

Gluten Free

Planet Protective

Top 9 Allergen Free‡

Planet Protective

Project Verified

True Assurance

Every lot of True Grace supplements undergoes extensive third-party testing. Regulation says we don't have to do this much testing; many companies don't. We do because of our commitment to integrity.

You deserve to know that what you're putting in your body is healthy, safe, and of the highest quality and potency. If a supplement is available for you to buy, it's passed every single test. That's what quality is all about.

What we test for






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