National Beach Day Quotes - How You Can Make a Difference! – True Grace

National Beach Day Quotes - How You Can Make a Difference!

National Beach Day Quotes - How You Can Make a Difference!

By Brandi Rondinelli, Social Media Strategist at True Grace

Nothing says summer like a day in the sun at the beach, amiright?! To be honest, I don't know a single person who doesn't like the beach. Watching the waves crash against the shore. Wiggling your toes in the warm sand. Soaking up the sunshine we all long for during those colder months. I bet you want to head to the beach now don't you?!

This holiday has been raising our awareness of the beauty of beaches while also calling attention to keeping them clean since 2014.

It’s estimated that over 5.25 trillion pieces of trash are currently in our oceans, and that number is growing every day. This trash affects our beaches and oceans in many ways. Sea animals, birds, and fish get caught in plastic nets and rings and often swallow poisonous pieces of plastic. These instances are usually fatal.

Here’s how you can help keep beaches clean: 
  • Leave nothing behind
  • Bring a trash bag
  • Volunteer at your local beach clean ups and get others involved

How you help the planet with every purchase you make at True Grace:

True Graces bottles include post-consumer recycled plastic (from the plastic that winds up in people’s recycling bins every day). Recycled plastic requires less energy to produce and releases less carbon dioxide than virgin plastic.

Plus, our bottles help clean up the world's rivers and oceans through the ReSea Project, which employs local fishermen in Jakarta, Indonesia, to pull plastic out of waters near where they fish.

Our custom-made bottles are designed to be refilled and, ultimately, recycled. Never tossed away.

By using recycled plastic bottles, we save approximately 70% of the carbon dioxide that would be produced if we used virgin plastic bottles for these supplements.

We don't stop there! —we want to reduce the amount of plastic being produced.

That’s why we offer refill pouches of your favorite True Grace products. These pouches are made of carbon-neutral packaging from sustainably sourced sugarcane and can be recycled at designated facilities.

Every time you purchase a refill pouch of True Grace supplements, you’re also helping pull plastic out of the ocean.

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