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Have you ever noticed this about probiotic labels?

Have you ever noticed this about probiotic labels?

There’s a key piece of information that’s usually missing.

You likely know that probiotics are living microorganisms that have big health benefits, like supporting digestive health. They can support immune health too—a major plus in the modern era. And research is teasing out all kinds of other potential benefits for everything from mood1 to skin health2 to weight management3

Good news about probiotics keeps making headlines, and the reasons to take a probiotic supplement keep stacking up. There’s just one problem.

The problem with most probiotic supplements

Imagine, for a moment, that you need a dresser. You decide to order one online. You find a dresser that looks good in the pictures, but before you hit “Buy,” you realize you’re not sure if all the hardware you’ll need to assemble it is included. You call up customer support to see what’s in the kit.

“Yes, some screws are included,” the woman on the phone assures you. “In fact, I can guarantee 25 different parts come with the dresser kit, including some screws, some drawers, and some handles. But I can’t tell you how many of each part you’ll get. Or if you’ll get enough of any single part to build a functioning dresser. But 25 parts is a lot, so you should be happy with that. So many parts!”

Would you buy that dresser? Of course not. What if it turned up with one drawer, four handles, and 20 screws? It would be useless.

Incredibly, this is how probiotics are typically marketed. Manufacturers shout about their total CFU (colony-forming units, which is how probiotics are counted). They provide a long list of all the different types of probiotics included in their formulation and assure you that your gut health will be transformed. But if you want to know exactly how much of each type of probiotic you’re getting, you’re out of luck. That information is nowhere to be found on the label.

You deserve transparency

At True Grace, we decided that this major gap in information was a problem. So we’ve introduced a truly transparent probiotic label—because you deserve to be certain you’re getting exactly what you need from your probiotic.

To understand why this is so revolutionary (and long overdue), it’s important to understand two facts about how probiotics work.

1. Different probiotic strains have different benefits

There are many different types of probiotics out there, called strains. Scientists have found that each strain has different benefits. 

Figuring out which strains you’re getting is actually pretty easy with most probiotic supplements. If you look at the ingredients, you’ll see a list of long, Latin-sounding names. Look closer, and you’ll see every name has three parts: genus, then species, then strain—always in that order. For example: Bifidobacterium (genus) bifidum (species) Rosell® - 71 (strain), often abbreviated as B. bifidum Rosell® - 71.

2. Each strain’s benefits are dose dependent

Probiotics’ benefits are dose dependent: You’ll only experience a specific benefit if you consume enough of the probiotic strain that produces that benefit. Consuming a few million CFU of a well-studied, buzzy probiotic strain isn’t going to do you much good.

This is why it’s so important to know not just which strains you’re getting, but how much you’re getting of each one. And again, that’s where most probiotic supplements fall short.

Here's what you get with True Grace

At True Grace, we’ve selected the most rigorously researched probiotic strains for digestive health, immune health, and (for our women’s probiotic) vaginal health. We’ve blended those strains in our probiotic supplements at the doses shown to be effective in clinical studies. Just as importantly, we tell you what those doses are right on the label. We express them as a percentage of the total CFU in the probiotic.

We also DNA test our probiotics, so you can be sure you’re getting the correct probiotic strains in the exact quantities we’ve promised.

What transparency looks like in action

Both our One Daily Probiotic and our Women’s One Daily Probiotic contain a Digestive and Immune Health Blend—carefully chosen probiotic strains whose benefits compliment each other. One of those probiotic strains, for instance, is B. bifidum Rosell® - 71. This strain has been shown to have certain immune health benefits at a dose of 3 billion CFU, according to a 2015 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition.4

If you look at the label on any True Grace probiotic supplements, you’ll see that of the 90 billion total CFU in our products at time of manufacture, 10 percent, or 9 billion CFU, are B. bifidum Rosell® - 71. You’re guaranteed 30 billion CFU in all our probiotic supplements at the end of their shelf life, which works out to 3 billion CFU of B. bifidum Rosell® - 71—the exact dose shown to have those immune benefits we mentioned above.

Ready to switch to a truly transparent and effective probiotic for gut health, immune health, and more?* 

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