Our Sourcing and Testing – True Grace

Our Sourcing and Testing

We set standards for our suppliers and test every batch of our supplements.

At True Grace, our rigorous focus on quality and transparency starts well before any capsules are filled or tablets are made. We begin by vetting each ingredient supplier. Does their integrity match ours? Do they hold any certifications, such as Non-GMO Project Verified, and have they been reviewed by a third party? Do they invest in clinical trials and ingredient testing? Are their ingredients grown sustainably, organically, and/or, wherever possible, regeneratively?

Answering these questions early helps us answer the biggest question of all: Are we bringing you the highest-quality supplements possible?

The answer has to be a verifiable yes.

Sara Newmark
Chief Operating Officer

Our testing

We ensure every lot of True Grace supplements passes third-party testing.

Regulation says we don’t have to do this much testing; many companies don’t. It also doesn’t require us to share the results with you. We do because it’s the only way we can be truly transparent with you

How did our supplements do on their tests? See for yourself. 

  1. Check your bottle or pouch. You’ll find the lot number on the bottom of the bottle or the XXXX of the pouch.
  2. Click your lot number below. You’ll get access to all the test results and the Certificate of Analysis for that lot.


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Lion's Mane

  • Lot #1234 - 30 count
  • Lot #1234 - 60 count



  • Lot #1234 - 30 count
  • Lot #1234 - 60 count


Myco-Renew Blend

  • Lot #1234 - 30 count
  • Lot #1234 - 60 count



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