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Our Giveback

Giving back is rooted in what we believe at True Grace.

That’s why we created Grace’s Garden, our giveback initiative.

Grace's Garden isn't a place; it's part of a movement: the regenerative agriculture movement. Regenerative agriculture is a way of growing food that restores the health of our soil. Healthy soil produces more nutrient-dense food.

Our Non-Profit Partners

The regenerative agriculture movement is growing, but it needs like-minded people and organizations working together to help it succeed. So Grace’s Garden has partnered with non-profits like Rodale Institute, the Soil Carbon Initiative, The Carbon Underground, and Green America to ensure our children have nutrient-dense food in the future.

Our Partnership With Rodale

What do we mean when we say we’ve partnered with non-profits? We mean we’re making real change happen, much of it in the Midwest, where we’re based.

For example, we’ve teamed up with Rodale Institute to help Midwest farmers transition their land to Regenerative Organic Certified®(ROC®). This certification has some of the highest standards on the planet for the health and welfare of animals, farmers, and — crucially — soil.

It all happens through our direct support of Rodale’s Organic Crop Consulting Program, which provides farmers with everything from one-on-one consultations to advice on equipment to certification assistance.

Why are we so passionate about soil? Because the earth has fewer than 60 harvests left.

If current rates of soil degradation continue, the planet’s topsoil could disappear within the next 53 years. No topsoil means no way to grow and harvest food—and no future for our children.

That’s why we champion regenerative agriculture: like us, it’s all about giving back. Regenerative agriculture revives ecosystems and enhances natural resources, including soil, rather than depleting them. It’s the key to more and better harvests.

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You can help extend the harvest.

Every time you choose a True Grace product, a portion of your purchase goes to Grace’s Garden.

That means you’re part of something big.

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